Bracing for a Changing World

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  Career management is something that everyone will have to go through in his/her career journey, either consciously or unconsciously. Choose to take charge of your own career pathway today by learning how to plan and manage your career effectively. Start early for a longer runway to build the relevant skills and portfolio towards the successfully [...]

Saturday 23rd and 30th June Professional Career Development Workshop

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    Careers are sought-after and increasingly competitive. It has never been more important for professionals to be strategic about career moves, develop effective networks and master the right skills to get into their careers of choice.         This month, our two full day workshop saw candidates from various disciplines wanting to be [...]


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Heard the job market is tough? It doesn’t have to be! People who start and plan early for their career will have much better luck when it comes to living out their dream career. Don’t be caught without a plan and join us to learn the best resume, interview, and job search tips. We will discuss [...]

We’re Live! JstWORK Launch

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WHAT ARE U PASSIONATE ABOUT? Do you feel that, that little tugging sensation in your heart? You’re not sure what, but something is urging you to change. Not in a confess-your-sins-oh-ye-sinners way, but to shift directions, to embrace your calling: You feel the ideas inside you. You sense them straining to escape. You know your job [...]