Masterclass Series Course

A 6 module, self-paced MasterClass Series will takes you through step by step on how to manage your career in the short, mid and long term.

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Take Control & Manage your career

Are you frustrated by your job search?  Are you ready for a new challenge? Need help on how to break that glass ceiling?  

Most Job Seekers are very traditional in how they search for their Dream Job – and most of them are very frustrated that they don’t even get a reply after they applied directly for a job!

Our MasterClass Series is a comprehensive Career Development Programme that will deliver a step by step training to empower and equip job seekers with a strategic approach to securing that next role within a matter of weeks!

Our MasterClass Series has been designed with insider knowledge on how companies hire their employees, what recruitment tools are used by them and most importantly we will teach you how to investigate a potential company and evaluate if each company objectively.

We can help you become a more empowered Career Driver – take control and manage your career.

What to expect in this Masterclass series.

About The Course

where you get immediate results!

A 6 module, self-paced Career Development Programme that takes you through step by step on how to manage your career in the short, mid and long term. The programme will lead you through a process of discovery,  strategy, and action that will allow you to maximize your potential, navigate the employment market, and achieve your  career goals.  We will take you through each step required to manage your career effectively.   – From managing your career strategically in the 4th Industrial Revolution, understand how to position yourself and tap into the hidden job market to how to create a Digital Footprint on LinkedIn and get headhunted.

The programme offers guidance in areas as simple as the  “how to’s” of job search and application through areas as complex as total career change. If you want to better understand how to strategically build your personal brand, or simply trying to make yourself stand out in today’s  competitive job market – this programme is for you.

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Our eLearning platform, hosts a comprehensive 7 hours worth of training, including the following Module:

Future of Work & the impact on jobs in the 4th Industrial Revolution

The employment landscape can be volatile and scary. But with a solid career plan, one should be prepared and adept at finding work for the rest of their life.  This module focuses on future of work on a global and local trends, understanding what jobs are being eliminated and what are the future jobs! 

How to create an effective 1-3-5 Year Career Path Plan & Understand Your Value-Add

Understand how to manage your career in the short, mid and long term – use career management and career planning tools to enhance skill, knowledge, competencies to manage your career. Creating a strategic 135 year Career Path plan that takes into consideration all aspects of your life, from your age, family, education etc.  The practical exercises will help you create a life and career path plan over the next 5 years.

Personal Branding – what does it mean and how to create one.

An effective career plan includes knowing how to determine, articulate, and sell a  personal brand. In this course, Natalia Polishchouk guides through the key steps of personal branding, its meaning, how to measure it, nurture it and develop it. Your Personal Brand is key not just in securing your next role but also manage your career once you land that job!

LinkedIn Coaching – how to get headhunted on LinkedIn    

When it comes to creating a digital footprint, you need more than just a professional headshot and a clever tagline. Professionals need to craft a strong, authentic personal brand that is consistent across multiple social media platforms. In this course will show you how to do just that, explaining how to create a profile that is tailored, how to craft compelling content and target your audience on social platforms like LinkedIn. Natalia, explains how to highlight expertise, determine how often to update a profile, and track your progress. 

Your Future Employer – how to find the best employer for you!

Understanding industry structures and characteristics, company size and their head quotes all contributes to company culture and way of operating.  This module will explain and break down Organization structure, employee population, blue Collar VS White Collar,  reporting lines and its impact on your career.

How to manage your career & tap into the hidden job market

Understanding who are the key employers will help attendees develop strategies designed to increase the chances of hearing back from potential employers. It is key to understand how companies are structured, what type of jobs and job titles as well us understanding the culture of your future employer.  Not all jobs are posted on line, therefore it is important to understand who are the stakeholders during the Recruitment Process.  Creating a Proactive Career Strategy by building the right network online – building your network on LinkedIn. Key focus of this session is understand how to create a strategic career approach.

What you’ll achieve:

  • Develop clarity in your career strategy.
  • Gain clarity of who you are and what you want from your career.
  • Understand your core competencies & Value Add
  • Develop Confidence in Your Personal Brand
  • Commit to Your Career Growth

The course includes:

  • Access to JstCareers eLeaning platfrom – 6 Training Videos totalling over 7 hours
  • Your Career Path Planning 1-3-5 Year Workbook
  • Your Career Research Workbook
  • Your LinkedIn Post Planning Workbook
  • Free Digital Analysis Report for your CV/Resume and LinkedIn

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