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What concerns you about interviews?

It’s only natural to feel anxious when you have an interview coming up.

Whether you’re a college student or with substantial  experience, preparing for an interview requires smart learning, dedication and great resources.

Many of our hours are spent at work. It makes sense to ensure those hours are spent working for a company we love and doing work which aligns with our life aspirations.

What to expect from the Interview Coaching

About The Course

where you get immediate results!

A self paced, our JstWork INTERVIEW COACHING & SALARY NEGOTIATION Programme has been designed with insider knowledge on how companies hire their employees, what recruitment tools are used by them and most importantly we will teach you how to investigate a potential company and prepare for your interview strategically and objectively.

Our programme will provide you with an opportunity to be prepared for any interview structures.  You will be guided on how to go about answering interview questions from a recruiter’s perspective. You will know what every question is looking to find out and exactly how to answer each.  

In this course, Natalia shares her interview expertise—developed from years as a Global Executive recruiter and career coach—to help you ace your next job interview. Throughout this course, Natalia takes you through each stage of the interview process, explaining what to do on the day of your interview, how to confidently respond to common questions, and how to ask your interviewer thoughtful questions in return. Plus, she shares how to make sure the interviewer remembers you, as well as how to tackle other types of interviews, including phone and video interviews. 

Jstwork is here for YOU! We want you to do more than just have a great career, we want you to succeed and thrive. 

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Our eLearning platform, jstcareers.com hosts a comprehensive 3.5 hours worth of training, including the following Module:

Preparation & Research

What you should know before you attend your 1st interview.

  1. Go through the Job Description in minute detail – understand what are the key requirements.
  2. Research the Company, the employee population and distribution, hiring managers and others.
  3. PRE INTERVIEW ONLINE TESTS – Type of Tests – psychometric, Personality, Aptitude, analytical, spatial etc.
  4. Prepare questions to ask during your interview.

How to Deliver an Effective Interview 

  1. Your body Language – from mirroring etc
  2. Understand the questions and ensure you validate the questions before answering
    1. CAR or STAR reply structure
    2. Visual language – quantify and qualify
    3. Check and validate your answers
  3. Ask Questions – Find the opportunity throughout the interview to ask questions

Type of Interviews

  1.  1st Interview
  2. 2nd and 3rd interviews
  3. Final interviews
  4. Panel Interviews
  5. Virtual interviews

Type of Questions and the Meaning behind them

  1.  Competency Based Interview Questions
  2. Behavioral & Motivational Interview Questions
  3. Negatively loaded questions – how to use CARL model
  4. The importance of your pitch – Tell me about yourself?

After the Interview

  1.  When to follow up and how often
  2. What to do incase of no reply
  3. Type of messages that are effective for follow ups

Salary Negotiation

  • How to Research your Salary bracket
  • How do companies create salary bandings
  • How to negotiate your salary – the 7 Key Steps to increase your salary

The course includes:

  • Access to JstCareers.com eLeaning platfrom – 3.5 hours of Training Material 
  • Interview Preparation Resources Worksheet
  • Interview Presentation Examples 
  • Free Digital Analysis Report for your CV/Resume and LinkedIn

What you’ll achieve:

If you are a professional looking to:

  • Create a strong and positive impression in your interviews
  • Gain confidence in your interviewing skills and ability to communicate your value to employers.
  • Know exactly what to say and how to behave before, during, and after an interview.
  • Get an offer after each interview
  • Negotiate the salary you are worth!

We want to help you:

  • Be Confident: You walk into the interview knowing your value add

  • Do Your Research: You be prepared for any time of interview

  • Sell Your Skills: Know how to position your core competencies & experience.

Ask For Extras at the Same Time: make sure you ask your questions

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Take The Next Step

The art of Salary Negotiation

everything you need to know to get the salary you deserve


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