JstWORK is here for you! We want you to do more than just have a great career, we want you to thrive. If you are not sure what career you want to shift to or: How to brand yourself better as a top executive or, Need someone to guide you and mentor your career growth or, Want to know how to build a strong personal brand or, Want to negotiate an income commensurate with your expertise or, Ace that interview! We have all your answers right here in our variety of industry-customized and specialized programmes. JstWORK team of professionals led by our founder, Natalia Polishchouk, who has close to two decades of experience in the international recruitment and career development space, has got what you need. Find the course that suits your needs and get in touch on [email protected] and we will work with you to find that job and build the career of your dreams.

Career Services we Offer

LinkedIn Coaching

Do you never get a response from recruiters or companies after you send your application? What should you share on your LinkedIn account? How do people really get jobs on LinkedIn?

Career Masterclass

We understand all the frustrations that you experience in this career development journey and we know that it is not easy building your brand as a profession. The Professional Career Development Workshop was tailored specifically for you!

Interview Techniques & Salary Negotiations

At JstWORK we know how confusing and frustrating it is starting out in your career! It hard it is to find the right employer willing to guide and nurture you as you find your footing in your career. That’s why we,  developed EMPOWER!

1-2-1 Executive Coaching

Keeping up with the 21st Century job market can leave your head spinning; with endless demands for personal branding, social media presence, algorithmic job searches, new jobs or even profile websites.

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