During one of our workshops, We asked the participants, why is it that people still send in their CVs and applications even when they do not meet the basic job requirements?

To try their luck, answered by one participant. Everyone laughed.

So how lucky do they get, and what is the probability of having to be lucky. I inquired. Many reactions followed, but one candidate made a statement that got our attention, she said ‘to wait on luck is a sign of being lazy. Why not do the right thing.

Having to send in applications without being ready is like sitting in a passenger seat your career life. You are not in charge.

Here is what happens when you are not in charge of your career life, you lose focus and only rely on click and apply method with CVs that are very outdated and lacking the appropriate keywords that will match the available position.

So next time you want to apply, first ask yourself if you are ready.

Ask yourself the following when you want to submit an application for a position:

1. If you were the employer, will you employ yourself? If not don’t apply

2. What will you do differently to make the company better-off by employing you? That’s you unique value points. If you don’t have an answer, don’t apply.

So after our teamwork sessions on other checklists and strategies to apply in other to come ready for any intended job positions, there was an echo of ‘Gosh this is so amazing’

So I said to them, that majority of job-seekers are already applying without getting ready so you guys are very pragmatic and proactive in your career pursuit.

If you are also of similar circumstance, you will benefit greatly in our workshop programs.

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