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Why we are the BEST

  • BRINGING AFRICANS BACK TO AFRICA: Connecting with experienced, seasoned African talent who are abroad and enticing them back to roles in Africa. African candidates who have trained in major organisations with qualifications from leading universities and business schools are in demand by growing and established companies throughout Africa

  • ACCESS TO GLOBAL AFRICAN TALENT: We’re constantly adding to our large database of Africans actively looking to return to their home country or other African regions. We only select candidates who have demonstrable experience at a strategic level. We have access to industry specialists on a global basis. When completing your search we consider all Talent available – local and international

  • BEING YOUR TRUSTED RECRUITMENT PARTNER: From experience we know that understanding your business, it’s culture, it’s structure, it’s management style – are key elements to identifying the right “fit”, not just the right candidate


Our vision is for an authentic, integrated business, community and individual perspective and to support ecosystems with our energy and ability to create ‘leading light’ examples that can be appreciated and respected on a global basis.
To be recognised as a leading search, career and advisory firm. To raise awareness of Talent as one of the few remaining differentiators for businesses in modern times. Talent can overcome obstacles, win and keep customers and translate the environmental changes into strategy and action plans.
By putting the right talent into a variety of businesses across African countries and supporting with effective and meaningful advisory services, we can ensure that our clients’ businesses have the competitive advantage and become more productive and profitable, ultimately growing their economies and benefiting their communities.

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