Did you know? The job search strategy that works for entry level applicants isn’t the same for people in middle, senior and very senior levels. Normally, applicants with 5-10 years of experience are regarded as middle level, while 10-20 years are senior class and 20 and above are known as very senior levels For the fresher and entry level applicants, they can afford to apply the reactive process of click and apply to job openings but that wouldn’t work for the experienced applicants.

Here is WhyAt the early stage there is no need for serous and thorough scrutiny as to ascertain the credibility of the candidates, since it’s purely based on passion and drive the candidates display.

But as the experienced level increases, recruiters are more particular about finding what sets each candidate apart from the rest sequel to their value proposition backgrounds or their respective unique value proposition (USP) With this involved, it therefore becomes very important to check your strategy if you’re considering changing careers so as to understand how to make yourself the choice candidate even before an advertisement is placed for a position. Truth is that it can actually be a very complex and herculean task. It’s as a result of these complexities attached with identifying the right strategies that truly sets each candidate apart, that we at JstWORK has designed a masterclass career workshop to simplify the process and make it very easily executed to all participants who are eager to revolutionize their career into a magnificent height.