Careers are sought-after and increasingly competitive. It has never been more important for professionals to be strategic about career moves, develop effective networks and master the right skills to get into their careers of choice.





This month, our two full day workshop saw candidates from various disciplines wanting to be proactive about their job prospects, looking for practical ways to structure their progress and succeed in their preferred careers.

What we covered




Taking charge of your career and planning for success, in any discipline.

Tools to help you develop a career plan tailored to your strengths and preferences.

A personal roadmap for the career path that will work best for you.







Analysis of your current network of contacts and how to expand it to benefit your career.

Practical advice on marketing yourself and your skills.

Strategies for developing transferable skills suited to a career.




Career planning is an essential skill for professionals in today’s highly competitive environment, but one that is rarely taught in depth. This workshop provides strategies and tools to help professionals be more proactive about their own career development, lift levels of motivation and increase job satisfaction.


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