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Who Can We Help?

  • At JSTWORK, We have a HUGE focus on bringing Africans back to Africa.  If you are from an African country and are interested in finding your next role in your in your home country or another African country – we can help you

  • If you are from Africa and already working in Africa, interested in getting your next role with the types of clients we deal with – we can help you

  • Are you from a non-African country but interested in finding your next expat role or a first African role – we can help you

  • We don’t only find your next role – we help connect you to others so that your entry is smooth and you have more energy to focus on doing your new job as your family are settled quicker.  We also connect you with other expats so that you can learn the ropes from others who’ve already adjusted

  • Apart from placing you in your next job, we can help you design it, and show you how to go and find it and make it yours.