Over two days, a cohort of like-minded executives moved through a series of interactive exercises designed to bring awareness and insights to their career and life plans.

Our approach is grounded in concepts of adult learning, executive coaching methodologies, and over 15 years of practical experience in career decision-making.

Through feedback and support, you will come away with fresh thinking and a concrete plan. Our goal is for these experienced participants to learn as much from each other as from us.


Many of us have been underprepared to make career decisions and face the realities of the world of work. The average person will spend over 92,000 hours of his or her life working.

While the amount of time spent making the decisions about what job to do or how to get there is usually quite little.

Thus, it’s no surprise to hear organizations like Forbes publish information that over 50% of professionals are dissatisfied with their job.



Additionally, the majority of people change their career 6-8 times in their lifetime.


So even if you’ve successfully made career decisions thus far, the skills to continue making good decisions are needed throughout your lifetime.






Some of this self-exploration can be done on your own.

However, seeking outside help to guide you through this process can be useful in helping you identify, understand, and articulate the essential components of you–in reality–not fantasy land.

This means a combination of inspiration, drive, and practical application of your skills.




Our career development program focuses on a radically unique agenda – moving the dial with the clients we serve, and underpinning everything we do with evidence-based assessment tools and research.

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