Heard the job market is tough? It doesn’t have to be! People who start and plan early for their career will have much better luck when it comes to living out their dream career. Don’t be caught without a plan and join us to learn the best resume, interview, and job search tips. We will discuss ways to find opportunities and how to stand out from the rest of the crowd so that you can be hired!


This month we ran two Professional Career Development workshops. The eight-hour workshop introduced participants to a basic model for career planning where they explored a framework for considering career options. In addition, participants explored the specific actions they would need to take to get there — and learned about available resources to support their efforts.


  • C – Clarifying career fit, career engagement, work-life balance needs and wants, skills to develop, and future career directions.
  • A – Action Goals for transforming clarification information into concrete steps forward.
  • R – Relationship Building for networking and mentoring connections. Cultivating a network that will help you link to job enhancements or new opportunities and provide support.
  • E – Experience to help you achieve your best; Continuously seeking developmental experiences to make the most of your talent and demonstrate and/or develop your skills.
  • E – Education & Training to attain the knowledge and qualifications necessary to be successful in current and future roles. Closing the gap between role requirements and your talent/potential.
  • R  Roadmap to help you reach your career goals. Continually re-examining your progress, goals, and the ongoing fit between your plans and current life situation.


A key highlight for us was John, a workshop participant getting called for an interview a week after the workshop.



Join us for some coffee and pastries while we present information, strategies, techniques, & practical tips to assist you in the workforce. Furthermore, we will help you to understand the current labour market, to learn effective job search skills for finding & maintaining work, & to improve their current employment & career prospects.