When one of the most decorated and highly regarded legal minds, Kenya has produced asks you to help him hire a strategic and key person, it’s a challenge that we, at JstWORK.com, could not resist!

In contrast to public opinion, Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba fondly known as PLO Lumumba is a reserved person who prefers quiet and solitude. His straightforward character was shaped by his early upbringing in a strict Christian household. Rising from a humble background, Prof. PLO Lumumba beat several odds to be in the struggle for justice, political and social emancipation of the Kenyan people.

At JstWORK.com we take recruitment very seriously! We know how important the right “FIT” for you and your company. Working for a Prominent Public Figure recognized across Pan Africa and internationally meant the candidate needed to have right skills, experience, and personality to be able to handle this role. Our Recruitment team was able to intuitively understand what are the key requirements to execute this role.  The whole recruitment process was phenomenal!  Here are some statistics

  • 100 Candidates Headhunted – We proactively searched the market for candidates who fit his needs and ensured they had the right personality fit for him.
  • 1,400 Direct applications received – out of which we progressed with only 1.
  • 50 Telephone interviews were conducted as the initial step.
  • 23 Candidates full face to face interviewed
  • And ONLY 5 candidates presented to Prof PLO Lumumba.

Our recruitment team, at JstWORK were extremely professional during the whole recruitment cycle.  Our interview process was executed with honesty, integrity and most importantly using Competency Based Interview Techniques to identify the most suitable candidates for this role. Our approach is people focused, professional and with the right amount of a personal touch. We are very pleased with our results!!!    as four candidates were selected for second and final interview – see PLO’s comments on how we delivered our services

“The candidates were quite impressive. The presentation of the candidate’s profiles was very well presented and aesthetically pleasing.” – Prof PLO LUMUMBA

 “JstWORK was very honest about the role, they didn’t drum the role into me.” – Candidate

“Other interviews were a daunting task because of a lack of two-way communication. Other interviewers took a long time to respond to candidates, but my experience with JstWORK was very enjoyable.” – Candidate


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