DID YOU KNOW? Job Titles and Descriptions are very bad ways to plan your job application.

One of the greatest mistakes job seekers make is that they apply for jobs based on the job titles and descriptions instead of the vision of the company.

Over the years, and by default, applicants are always in look out for job titles and descriptions as guidelines to structure their CVs and resumes.

This act normally put job seekers in a passive mode as attention is to first read a job advert and subsequently send applications aligning with the titles and descriptions.

The problem of this method is that too many people will be doing same thing at the time thereby creating a competitive Job hunting situations.

But have you ever considered a situation where no job advert has been made by a company but you first take your time to research a company to understand their current programs and expectations with emphasis on how much help they would be needing to either reduce cost or improve revenue.

Then you carefully prepare an application coupled with few contacts you should have established in the company with current staff detailing your value propositions and your plan to bring a turnaround in the company

Now here is your guide, anytime you hear about a major change in a company’s policy or change of leadership, it’s usually a very good time to pitch them for an opportunity to serve.

Companies are forever in look out for that candidate that will take them from where they are to the next better level. In fact sometimes they have to create a new job title just for you only when you have convinced them of its necessity.

Message is don’t apply to meet up a job title and description, create one for the company.

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About the Author Faith Nwaobia is a freelance Content Writer and Copywriter. He writes on career and recruitment, business development strategy and sales. You can follow him on LinkedIn