This month we ran our first ever career workshop! Here’s what we covered and how it was received by our attendees.

The workshop took place at Palacina The Residence and Suites on Saturday 13th and 20th and was delivered by Natalia (our MD) and Grace (our Talent Acquisition Specialist).

What we covered

Our aim was to get people to create a personal career plan, to improve their plan over the course of the day and to go away with concrete actions. The workshop consisted of a series of presentations and discussions, as well as breaks for writing down of thoughts and ideas.

Natalia leading the group discussion session


In the presentations, we went over our latest thoughts on how to choose a career in which you can have the biggest possible impact.

This included a section on how to choose which problem to work towards solving with your career (which we call your cause).

We presented a framework for choosing between different causes and our current best-guess ranking of which causes are most important.

Group photo after the final session




We also presented our framework for choosing between specific career options. We then used the framework to explain which careers we currently think to allow you to make the biggest difference.

Finally, we raised and discussed key issues, including how personal considerations affect the choice of both cause and career, and how to prioritize between having an impact now versus keeping your options open to have more impact later.


Follow up

We’re soon going to do a follow up with the people who came to our workshop to see how they are getting on. We’ll ask them if they’ve taken any of the next steps they identified at the workshops, what they feel like they need help with, and encourage and motivate them to continue striving to have the biggest possible impact with their careers!


Grappling with uncertainty about your next career/work move? Do you “sort of” know what you want, but have no idea how to make it a reality? Join us for our next workshop and let us help you out.