Here is why you’re not getting Feedback from Recruiters

Truth is that most active job seekers wouldn’t be able to count the number of applications they have applied for let alone the number awaiting feedback. The ease of click and apply is just one way the number of applications would remain on increase. There is this usual frustration shared by many applicants as to the fact that recruiters hardly reply or sends feedback on applications. Truth no matter how sad it is remains that there wouldn’t be any feedback except a change of the application strategy is made.

You need to know that recruiters are no longer reading CVs and resumes but are relying on the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which had been configured to eliminate applications rather than consider.

The safest route to gain feedback which most job seekers do not realize is through personal knowledge of the hiring process and strategies the company adopts in their selection process. You can gain this knowledge by having an internal staff in your friend list that will help you with the right persons to talk to as well as what is the most important thing the company looks out for in their future employees. The point is that you need insider information in most cases which you can leverage on platform like the LinkedIn to create.  Why?  I have seen a situation whereby an applicant is given a different email address to send application rather than the generic email address available to the public which end up unattended to. Equally, if you must send your applications to the regular email address of the company, you must endeavor to optimize your profile both on your CV and other digital resumes. Till we come around next time. Keep a date with us and do read up our other articles.
About the Author Faith Nwaobia is a freelance Content Writer and Copywriter. He writes on career and recruitment, business development strategy and sales. You can follow him on LinkedIn