Who Is This For

This workshop is tailored for professionals who have a minimum of 5+ years’ work experience and a Bachelor’s Degree. It is suited for professionals ready to take control and manage their career and execute a STRATEGIC JOB HUNT. It is most suitable for those who have a strong desire to;  Break the glass ceiling & get promoted  Find new and challenging opportunities within or outside their companies  Repackage themselves for a different industry/ function. Our MasterClass has been designed with insider knowledge on how companies hire their employees, what recruitment tools are used by them and most importantly we will teach you how to investigate a potential company and evaluate if each company objectively. We can help you become more empowered as a job seeker.

Typical Frustrations

  • “I use the same CV to apply for all my jobs but I rarely get a response from the companies. I am not sure what the problem is, is it my CV? My cover letter? My work experience?”
  • “I find most of my jobs online, I make sure to apply to at least 15 jobs a week on different job sites however, I rarely get any feedback and this is frustrating!”
  • “I depend on my personal and professional network to find job opportunities- sometimes I get job referrals for jobs but some of them don’t fit my skills, experience and qualifications. I find personal connections limiting”
  • “I have 5 years work experience and I feel that I am ready to take on a managerial role within or outside my company, how do I package myself?”
  • “I have been in my industry for some years now, I want to change to a new industry where I have no experience, how do I package myself?”

Whats Included


How businesses hired 20 yrs ago to how they hire now has undergone fundamental changes. These changes are essentially driving major new and modern approaches. This pillar will help to create a MINDSHIFT – by understanding trends such as globalization, millennials, growing & declining skills sets, technology tools used in the recruitment industry – will create a major Mind-shift.

POSITING YOUR EXPERIENCE FOR THE NEXT JOB – all we do – is sell our time!

Packaging and Positioning Your skills for the next role is KEY. This pillar focuses on building your Personal Brand. Understand what are you offering to a future potential employer. What are your core skills or core values? This pillar will include a dedicated practical element by covering on how to position yourself on a CV. Including a full LinkedIn Coaching workshop. Create YOUR Career Path Plan:- 1-3-5 Year Career Planning – Do you know what you actually want? Let’s set some goals! Create your “List” of your next Job Requirements Learn how to plan and execute a long term and tailor made career path!


The most important part of this journey is to first understand your Goals, objectives and career aspirations!

Secondly, execute them effectively and remove all the typical job searching frustrations.

This pillar will cover a wide area – including.

Create a Career Path – not a job search – Identify your Key Priorities.

Your future Company is the most important decision you will have to make as a job seeker.

Maximize your Online presence Social Media platforms Execute a Proactive approach (80%) and Reactive Approach (20%) in your job search

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