Did you know most Recruitment Agencies are CV Pushers..

In today’s recruitment market, sending out applications and sharing of CVs among candidates and recruiters is a thing with almost the speed of light. This of course is orchestrated by the spread in very efficient ICT enablers. Overwhelmingly, recruitment agencies are rather treating most of the CVs accessed from job-seekers as mere garbage to be thrown out without due considerations.

When job-seekers send in their CVs and resumes they do so with hopes that there would be proper considerations on their applications, but most often, this hope is but a mirage. Pushing CVs and resumes to trashcan folders is today a common practice among many recruitment agencies. In fact most recruiters have an inbuilt system that automatically deletes CVs and resumes. For such applications, they are simply dead on arrival.

What a hard way to treat jobseekers? Funny thing is that, the same agencies will be advertising for new positions and still be demanding applications from applicants with majority ending up with similar fate. Basically what CV pushers do is a promise to help send in applicants applications to hiring companies you will of course conduct the hiring. But what has been discovered is that those agencies are only interested in gathering as many CVs as possible to appear big when evaluated by their clients and not necessarily to aid jobseekers in matching available job opportunities.

Even when there is a particular role to fill from their hiring clients, they just keep hurling in different CVs without proper screening until perhaps there is a matching one and in most cases when there is none, the hiring company simply gets fade up and discontinue the process. What a frustration?

10 Signs of CV Pushers Among Recruitment Agencies

  1. They do not even understand the requirements of the job they are attempting to recruit for.
  2. They are only concerned about their commissions for sending in a candidate even when the candidate doesn’t match the role.
  3. They are in a hurry to say ‘We will call you back, but they never will. Just to appear serious.
  4. They never invest a considerable time to peruse an application, always in a hurry to discard CVs.
  5. They are time wasters, claiming to have relationships with the hiring companies but most times they simply don’t. Isn’t that deceptive?
  6. They claim to help optimize CVs even when they don’t understand the right keywords to use.
  7. They can arrange interviews only to make a candidate justify their commissions.
  8. Such recruiters do place fake adverts just to gather CVs for public praise seeking.
  9. They are mere gatekeepers lacking information of what truly goes on in the hiring process.
Truth is that if you are considering getting a job, you do not need these CV pushers. You need professional recruiters and headhunters who have been mandated by a company to fill in a position not someone whose only job is to push your CV to a hiring company whether you succeed or not. JstWork has been in the business of recruitment and headhunting for a considerable number of years with very senior recruitment experts that understand the art of recruitment and headhunting. If you are looking for a reputable and professional recruitment agency with track record of delivery and testimonial, you are welcome to consult JstWork and see yourself get that offer you truly desire.

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