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Iskaa Wax U Qabso – Get Involved! We Did!

  • Somalia is well on its way to becoming a global citizen with significant infrastructure development as well as continued growth in its core areas. With a population of 10.8m people, Somalia has also had its greatest asset being its people. From Ilhan Omar being elected into Minnesota’s house of Representatives to Munira Khalif becoming a US Department of State UN Youth Observer there are many examples of Somali’s making waves abroad.
  • To support the growth and development within Somalia and Somaliland, we are proud to be creating the biggest professional network of professional Somalis abroad, and we want to help bring as many of them back as possible.

  • If you own or run a significant business in Somalia and you are looking for internationally experienced and educated talent for senior roles to grow and manage your business, please contact us.


How Can We Help?

  • We work with Somali business owners and leadership teams to understand their growth plans and talent needs. We take a brief to understand your strategy, structure and where the role fits in. We then search locally, across Africa and internationally to find the right candidates to meet your needs.
  • We are always connecting with senior talent from around the globe who are interested in the growth and development in Somalia. Many are interested in helping from abroad as well as returning for full-time roles to settle back into Somalia.
  • We care about Somalia, we speak the language and we understand the local cultures and the way business is conducted. We are networked in the country, and apart from getting you the right talent, we help returning executives and their families settle back in to the country, including connecting them with others who can make the experience easier.
  • We have 10+ years of conducting senior and confidential searches across this region and can help you find your next CEO, CFO, COO, CMO

Why Use Us?

  • We understand the social, political and cultural context in Somalia

  • We are constantly building our network of Somali expats who wish to return to work in Somalia

  • We are continually building our network of senior leaders and expats in Somalia who can help new returnees settle in better and faster.

  • We  speak the Somali


Zahra’s Recent Trip to Somalia

Invited by Dr Khadar Bashir Ali, founder of Fooh Centre for Language School and former Minister of Education of Somalia, Zahra toured Somalialand, delivering Career Development workshops in Burco, Boroma and Hargeisa in May 2017.

The main objective of the workshops was to deliver targeted career development advice and insight that covered the local market employment issues and solutions to the current Job Seeker dilemmas.  The key areas that were addressed included:

  • How to build a skills inventory to get a better understanding of competencies
  • How to structure a cv/resume.
  • How social media impacts your career –– the workshop focused on building understanding and participants got sound advice on social media profiles (i.e. LinkedIn)
  • How to find and tap into more than 500 jobs are currently available in Somalia and Somaliland via various job boards.
  • How to execute a strategic job hunt – structured approach to job hunting.
  • Interview and salary advice

During the process of delivery it became very clear that most of Job Seekers are completely unaware and don’t fully understand the recruitment process. Even basics on a CV where hugely beneficial to this audience. Participants were excited to understand how to use the internet to find jobs, as this was a fairly new concept.

Altogether 5 workshops were conducted with over 150 participants.

Zahra looks forward to doing more workshops on following trips to Somalia and stays in touch with participants that wanted to ask any questions on LinkedIn.



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