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How Change-Ready are you?

  • You know that stronger growth is possible if you can get the right people into place to deliver the business strategy but you are weary of using agencies because of their high fees so you find someone in your network or use a job board or an agency with a low fee for the transaction to contain costs. Does this sound like you? Is this the best approach for key strategic roles?
  • You’ve thought about streamlining sales processes or increasing sales but where do you begin? How much difference can be made? Do you know how to grow your business? Do you know who your top performers are? Are you winning the right type of business? How can you improve your business performance with the right blend of training and consulting – we can help you create a plan that suits your company. This way you don’t have to worry about engaging with the wrong solution or doing something that won’t work in your company culture.

  • How is your company doing with introducing new technology? How ‘relevant’ are you in the marketplace? Are you still confident of being able to beat the competition in the marketplace? How successful are you at project deployment – do you get the rates of customer satisfaction/engagement and margin that your business needs to thrive?


Maybe we Can Help

  • We understand that not every hire needs critical, strategic talent – we can help you to ensure you have the best business structure in place to execute your strategy and grow your business. Our fees and processes are transparent so you always know what to expect

  • We can search talent pools including international returnees, local talent as well as international talent wanting to work with companies like yours in Africa. We have access to wider talent pools who are hungry to grow your business, including many ‘passive’ job seekers, often the best type of candidate.
  • Our consulting and training can help you refine your sales infrastructure and operations removing blockages to performance and sales. We can also help you develop your leadership team, business operations management and technology footprint that will help you get the most from your people and your clients.

Why Use Us?

  • We understand IT, Technology & Telco Businesses

  • Our Search/Recruitment focuses on talent pools you couldn’t otherwise access

  • Our consulting & training is designed for businesses like yours and is built on global research & best practice

  • We want to build long-term relationships rather than create short-term, transactional business

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