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  • We’ve THOUGHT HARD ABOUT THE TYPES OF BUSINESSES that we really think we can help and that we are passionate about and have divided this into three categories below. If you recognise your business, then we are for you. Our thinking and processes and value is designed especially for your needs, and because we are making an extra effort to understand you, we’ll be more likely to get you just the right talent for your culture, performance expectations and to grow your business.

  • Our APPROACHES AND PROCESSES are clear and transparent, and apart from our superb access to talent, we’ll give you regular updates and work within the dynamic nature of your business to ensure the right candidates IS DELIVERED at the right time for you.

  • Apart from the search, we also offer CONSULTING AND TRAINING to help you align your whole organisation to your growth agenda so that your new or existing talent has a springboard for increased performance.

IT, Technology and Telecom Businesses

System integrators, value-add resellers, infrastructure/cloud, telecom service providers and privately run businesses are pivotal to the continued growth and development of the countries they serve in Africa.

The owners and leaders of these companies have historically hired through their networks and referrals, accessing the same talent pools and recycling the same talent.  As companies forge ahead amidst rising competition, increased sophistication from client purchasers more opportunities presenting themselves, we support them in renewing their approach to recruiting whilst accessing both local and international candidate pools.

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Growing Somali Businesses

Somalia is aa developing country with a cultural, political and economic history that has been challenged over the last 30 years. Forces for good are triumphing and Somalia is on its way to becoming a global citizen.

Infrastructure, systems, technology, construction and services are some of the burgeoning industries and owners and leaders of companies in these areas are recognising the need for experienced senior talent to take on critical roles to to help realise their growth strategies.

We speak Somali, understand the country and have access to local, African and international talent of Somali decent to help you find the right people.

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International Corporations & Start-Ups


International Corporations with a presence in Africa have been using their global preferred suppliers and have often fought to use ‘off book’ agencies to help with difficult regions or to supplement their candidate pools. Well, here we come. We’re new and fresh, bringing global, corporate experience to a specifically focused ‘made for Africa’ approach. Use us for your confidential searches and headhunting for your senior roles across Africa, to ensure you get the best candidate pools including local and international talent.

Start-Ups, whether social or for profit – choosing to operate out of African countries – do you have blended roles that require a bit of this and a bit of that, a lot of the right attitude and bundles of passion – let us help you grow your team our talent acquisition process is simple and we’ll give you motivated and capable candidates to help your start-up grow.

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