Career management is something that everyone will have to go through in his/her career journey, either consciously or unconsciously. Choose to take charge of your own career pathway today by learning how to plan and manage your career effectively. Start early for a longer runway to build the relevant skills and portfolio towards the successfully scoring of your ideal job.

Our August workshop saw attendees:

  • Establish a job search plan.
  • Develop improved ATS friendly master and targeted CV’s.
  • Establish job search expectations and confirm training goals to support their job search
  • Understand common practices for submitting CV’s through the Applicant Tracking System.
  • Get acquainted with LinkedIn and learn specific steps to quickly achieve “All-Star” strength for your professional profile.
  • Define their specialty, level of expertise and express how companies or people would benefit from working with them.


Is Your CV Getting the Response You Want?

The digital age has changed job search strategies. This age has ushered in an era where job applicants are required to submit their CV through an online electronic processing system known as the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software application that electronically handles recruitment needs. A vast majority of employers look to ATS to select resumes from applicants to fill at least 70% of their job openings. Companies use ATS to eliminate much of the initial screening time and cost associated with the recruiting process.


We focused on how to create a digital CV. PLUS what you need to do to create a master CV and multiple targeted CV’s which will give you the recruiter attention you want.


How Connected Are You?

Social media is how people, in the 21st century, connect to find jobs. Job seekers are strongly encouraged to direct their job search efforts to social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is an online professional networking platform that currently has millions of members worldwide.

LinkedIn is a practical solution for Job seekers because it allows one to connect with hiring officials, recruiters, and other professionals to find employment. is the preferred tool that recruiters and hiring managers use to find top talent.


You may already be familiar with Linkedin however, this month, we gave pointers on how to create an “All-Star” LinkedIn profile that will showcase your professional brand.


Are You Concerned About Job Interviews?


Job candidates understand the importance of preparing for an interview. However, many are not familiar with the strategy of preparing for a behavioral interview. Hiring officials use the behavioral interviewing approach to determine if a job candidate’s work experience and behaviors meet the job requirements.





Get that job you crave. Join us in our dynamic, 2-day workshop to learn about job search key tools and advanced techniques to get you back to work.