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Executive Assistant to the MD, Chief Content Contributor, Recruiting Ninja and Cat Whisperer. Slipped a writing sample under the MD’s door and now, happily sharing our experiences at JstWORK with the world. Will trade career tips for cat cuddles.

Bracing for a Changing World

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  Career management is something that everyone will have to go through in his/her career journey, either consciously or unconsciously. Choose to take charge of your own career pathway today by learning how to plan and manage your career effectively. Start early for a longer runway to build the relevant skills and portfolio towards the successfully [...]

Career Progression & Reinvention – Following a Passion

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Landing a great job is not a matter of luck. Professionals must use the most effective job search strategies. This starts with the premise that being a passive versus an active candidate is not a good choice for success in today ’s job market.    Social media, most especially social networking, has lifted the veil that historically shielded [...]

Saturday 23rd and 30th June Professional Career Development Workshop

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    Careers are sought-after and increasingly competitive. It has never been more important for professionals to be strategic about career moves, develop effective networks and master the right skills to get into their careers of choice.         This month, our two full day workshop saw candidates from various disciplines wanting to be [...]


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Over two days, a cohort of like-minded executives moved through a series of interactive exercises designed to bring awareness and insights to their career and life plans. Our approach is grounded in concepts of adult learning, executive coaching methodologies, and over 15 years of practical experience in career decision-making. Through feedback and support, you will come away [...]


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JstWORK aspires to forge the future of professionals through organizing Career Development Workshops. In April 2018 we continued down that path by hosting our fifth Professional Career Development Workshop.     The crux of the workshop was centered on Career Exploration. This involved attendants being taught about career options and doing a strong skills inventory as well [...]


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Heard the job market is tough? It doesn’t have to be! People who start and plan early for their career will have much better luck when it comes to living out their dream career. Don’t be caught without a plan and join us to learn the best resume, interview, and job search tips. We will discuss [...]


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    As the expression goes ‘if you find your dream job you will never work a day in your life’.  This is something many strive for, but few achieve. That said, we are living in a time when there is more focus on such topics as job satisfaction, fulfillment and finding a role that is [...]

Returnee Talent – Almas Ismail

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We have the great pleasure of sharing with you all another Africa “BRAIN GAIN” interview with an African Professional who moved back home - Kenya. Without further ado, here is Almas Ismail narrating his experience and encouraging others to do the same. Tell us a bit about your background I was born and raised in Nairobi, [...]

Our First Professional Career Development Workshop

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This month we ran our first ever career workshop! Here’s what we covered and how it was received by our attendees. The workshop took place at Palacina The Residence and Suites on Saturday 13th and 20th and was delivered by Natalia (our MD) and Grace (our Talent Acquisition Specialist). […]

Introducing Returnee Talent – Fatma Ahmed

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“My name is Fatma Ahmed, I was born in Burao, north of Somalia and later migrated to Sweden with my family.  I was raised in Gothenburg, Sweden until the age of 10 after which we migrated to the UK. […]