JstWORK aspires to forge the future of professionals through organizing Career Development Workshops. In April 2018 we continued down that path by hosting our fifth Professional Career Development Workshop.



The crux of the workshop was centered on Career Exploration. This involved attendants being taught about career options and doing a strong skills inventory as well as a significant amount of  outside “homework”




Additionally, we covered Alternative Careers. This was a favorite for attendants with transferable skills, but not quite sure on how to go about the process of considering and accessing alternatives.

Not only that, attendants took part in:

  • Assessing and make the most of their talents, skills, interests, and personality
  • Generating career options
  • Improving their resume & social media profiles
  • Designing a successful job search plan
  • Learning how to skillfully network, interview and negotiate salaries


<center>"So, do you need help securing your dream job?"</center>
“So, do you need help securing your dream job?”




We will give you fool-proof strategies and terrific tools that will have you looking at your career in a  brand new perspective.





A huge thank-you to all who joined us—we hope to see many of you at our subsequent workshops soon!