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Why Use Us To Help Develop Your Career

  • We’ll teach you how The Recruitment Industry works and how to get that job! The programme has 4 modules

    1. Map Your Assets
    2. Plan Social Media Use
    3. Manage Your Career
    4. Get the Interview and Job
  • Get a structured framework to think about and plan your career

  • We have insider knowledge on how companies hire and can help you be more empowered as a job seeker – take control and manage your career

  • Understand what influence you can have during a search process with the hiring company

  • Join our online webinars, face-to-face workshops or if you are serious about implementing changes quickly contact us for 121 coaching and help


Our Career Model – Know Where You Are




Understand and map your abilities, competencies and and skills:

  • Look at yourself as a product – how would you sell you?
  • Through various exercises you’ll get a better understanding of your ‘value’ and create a ‘pitch’
  • We show you how to craft your resume with algorithmic key words
  • We can assist you to interpret psychometric reports



Understand how to use different social media platforms to create visibility of you, your skills and experiences to create a strong professional presence

  • Create and build your professional neworks on Linkedin, Xing, Viadeo
  • Register with targeted job boards
  • Plan to get the best use out of recruitment agencies



Learn how to execute a strategic job search. Professional job-seekers search for their next employer strategically using a number of factors, which they can control and track

  • Understand how size, structure, culture, image and feel affect choices
  • Learn how to research and ‘follow’ companies
  • Create a strategy to communicate with key people at your target companies



This module focuses on the important final stages in your search:

  • You’ve invested a lot of work and time into your target companies and this module helps you to interview well, including practice and guidance on interviewing situations
  • We teach you how to ask pertinent questions during the interview
  • It also covers ‘dos and don’ts’ on salary negotiation

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