Career Development Workshop (Saturday 17th and 24th February 2018 – First & Second Session)

//Career Development Workshop (Saturday 17th and 24th February 2018 – First & Second Session)

Career Development Workshop (Saturday 17th and 24th February 2018 – First & Second Session)


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Are you frustrated with your job search? Are you struggling to find your DREAM JOB?

Most Job Seekers are very traditional in how they search for their Dream Job – and most of them are very frustrated that they don’t even get a reply after they applied directly for a job!

When a company posts a job on a Job Board they are likely to receive 100’s of applications – and we all know that the HR department will not review the 400/500 applications- so what do you think happens? Well, they use Algorithmic to create a shortlist –

Do you know how to create an algorithmic Resume/CV?

We are here to help! We can give you the structure and tools to execute a STRATEGIC JOB HUNT.

In this workshop, we will deliver a hands-on training program to empower and equip job seekers with a strategic approach to securing that next role. Our workshops will be delivered over 2 sessions, in small groups of around 10 to 15 job seekers.

Our Career Development Programme has been designed with insider knowledge on how companies hire their employees, what recruitment tools are used by them and most importantly we will teach you how to investigate a potential company and evaluate if each company objectively.

We are able to help you become more empowered as a job seeker – take control and manage your career.

Ms. Natalia Zahra Polishchouk- Regional Executive Recruiter for Subsahara Africa at Oracle Corporation (former) & Managing Director of JstWORK. Learn more about Natalia here

Degree qualified Job seekers with at least 3 years work experience and employed people looking to break the glass ceiling and find that next career opportunity that will help them grow to the next stage of their careers.

2 sessions delivered over 2 days, 3 hours session – a total of 6 hours plus
Our Next Workshops will be delivered on:-
Session 1 – Saturday 17th February 2018
Session 2 – Saturday 24th February 2018

Palacina The Residence & The Suites; State House Area, Kitale Lane off, Denis Pritt Rd, Nairobi


Step 1: Follow this link and fill a simple registration form

Step 2: Make payment via the methods shown below

Ksh. 10,000 per person

We provide 2 payment options, choose one for your convenience, kindly make payments on or before 10th February 2018 in order to secure your seat:

a. Mpesa Paybill number: 858266

b. Deposit directly into bank (bank details provided upon request)


If you require more details contact us:

Training Coordinator:

Tel: 0204405524, 0743043666, 0743043665

We’ll teach you how the recruitment Industry works and how to get that job! The programme has 4 modules delivered in two sessions;

SESSION 1: Saturday 17th February 2018
Module 1: Map Your Assets
 Before you arrive at the workshop you will be asked to complete a Skills Inventory and we start by building your Brand – Your Story? We want you to look at yourself like a product!
 We create 1-3-5 year Career Plan – it’s important to know what success looks like to you!
 Creating an Algorithmic Resume/CV. We explain and teach you how to create an algorithmic resume for each job posting you apply for.

Module 2: Plan Social Media Use
In today’s age of information and internet, Job Seekers must understand how much the social media impacts on their career!
 Create and/or complete your Algorithmic LinkedIn Profile and get headhunted
 How to network and follow the right people, companies, and groups

SESSION 2: Saturday 24th February 2018
Module 3: Manage Your Career – how to execute a strategic Job hunt
This module is truly unique to the Kenyan Market – JstWORK is the only Career Advisory Firm offering candidates a hands-on in a classroom setting – we will show you how to execute a strategic job hunt. Understanding a company size and culture, its, processes, its operational and structure, where the HQ base. In this module, we will cover the following
 How to identify, select and approach your target companies.
 How to identify the KEY Contact and send them inmails – We give you the right “messages” to send to your direct connections.
 How to utilize Job Boards and which job boards are most effective for your industry
 Creating Job Alerts so that you can stay on top of all new job openings

Module 4: How to Ace at your next interview and Salary Negotiations Tips
 Understanding what needs to be done Before – During and After Interviews
 How to prepare for your interview based on key competencies
 How to Ace an interview – the 50-50 Rule etc
 How to execute a strategic salary negotiation – what information should you share and what questions to ask during the negotiation phase.


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